We all understand the importance of our foundation, and the damage that can result if there’s a problem. However, it’s also something that’s easily forgotten about. Your foundation and the many of the threats that it can face are out of sight, after all. Keeping track of it all can be tough and it’s often not until the issue is well along that you discover you have a problem. That doesn’t need to be a cause for panic. We provide the foundation repair that can help set things straight again, and help you avoid serious damage to your home or business. Get the effective solution to foundation problems now.

About Us

We’ve seen the damage and the stress that foundation problems can cause. Our aim is a simple one. We want to help you avoid all of that. We are the foundation repair contractor company with the selection of professional repair services that you need to prevent major problems and damage to your home or business. That’s not where the good news ends though. If you are worried about the cost of any such work, don’t. The cost of fixing foundation problems with us affordable. That combine with our wide selection of repair services is what makes us the best and why we receive the very best foundation repair reviews.
We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
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We are the foundation repair specialists with all that you need to properly confront any problems with your foundation. It doesn’t matter what problem you have or what kind of foundation you have. Our service and expertise covers it all. So you can get our true expertise if you have either a concrete slab foundation, pier and beam foundation or a block and base foundation. You can also rely on the professional services that we provide on matter the problem that you have. Whether you have issues with settling or problems with water and drainage around your foundation, we have the repair services that you require.


​Concrete Slab Repair

When it comes to concrete foundation slabs, we provide a wide range of repair services designed to tackle any problem that you might have. We can handle foundation leveling, repairing a foundation crack and provide a number of settlement repair options. The slab repair services that we provide come with an affordable foundation repair cost too, so you don’t need to worry about the cost of having necessary repair work done.

​Pier and Beam Repair

A pier and beam foundation, also often known as a crawl space foundation, is one alternative type of foundation that’s common throughout Texas. This particular type of foundation, and the similar block and base foundation, faces a range of different problems and threats when compared with the usual concrete slab foundation. Our experienced and expert repair services also cover pier and beam foundation. So, even if your home is built on this type of foundation, we are still the best repair service that you can rely on.

​Drainage Repair

Although many people aren’t aware, water can be a major threat to your foundation and cause serious damage. Water can wash away the soil beneath your foundation, resulting in settling problems, and if it finds its way into the concrete can cause major damage and problems. For this reason, it’s imperative to ensure that the drainage system around your home always functions properly and water isn’t allowed to pool at the base of your home. We provide a drainage repair service designed to help you avoid water damage to your foundation.


The last thing that you need to deal with when you run any business is serious damage or problems. However, if you don’t properly look after your foundation, and deal with any problems immediately, this is exactly what you could be faced with. This damage isn’t only bad for your business, it can also impact your bottom line. With our range of foundation repair services also suitable for commercial buildings and foundations, you don’t need to worry about such damage impacting your business. You can get the very best repair team around.

​​​House Leveling

Over time, if left uncorrected, settling problems can cause major structural damage to your home. One of the foundation repair methods that we employ to help correct this problem is house leveling, also known as house raising. This is when your foundation is lifted back up to the original position in which it was constructed, before it settled too far into the soil. We provide an affordable foundation settlement repair cost as well as a structural damage repair service to repair the damage caused to your home or building by settling problems.

​Free Estimate

No matter how important the work that you need done is, price is still a factor that you need to consider. We completely understand that you need to be completely sure you are getting the best price available. With that in mind, we can provide free foundation inspection estimate. Our team can assess your foundation, and the problem that you have, for free and provide you with reasonably accurate assessment of the cost that you will face. So you know you are getting a great deal.

“They provided us with everything that we needed to know upfront, including the cost, and were great to deal with.”

- Thomas. K

“They quickly fixed the drainage problem that we had.”

​- George. S

“They made the process so easy and stress free. They offer a great repair service.”

​- Joanna. H

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​Have foundation problems? Then we are the foundation repair experts to get in touch with now. We specialise in offering repair services for number of different residential and commercial foundations. We can fix foundation problems comprehensively and help you avoid expensive damage to your home or business. So, if you are looking for the very best of the “foundation companies near me” get in touch with us right now. There’s no point trusting anyone less than the very best to repair your foundation.